The Wannabe Pine Tree

Not everything is as it appears to be. This post will provide the answer to this month’s mystery macro. Sadly, no one guessed the correct answer. And to tell you the truth, I am embarrassed to say that until just a few days ago, I had the wrong answer, too... and I took the picture! Here is a look at the entire photo from which the mystery macro photo was taken:

Do you have a better idea now of what it may be? Part of a tree, right? Well, for the next picture let’s take a step way back and look at the whole ‘forest’.

Flowers – A Photo Essay

Tarija, Bolivia, is known as “La ciudad florida” which means ‘the city of flowers’ or ‘the flowered city’. And it lives up to its name. Not only are all the public plazas bursting with colorful flowers, but many families also plant flowers around their homes. The assault on the senses, with such a variety of colors and aromas, is truly a delight.

Plaza Luis de Fuentes - Tarija, Bolivia

Up till now, we have dealt with only one particular plant or animal in each blog entry. However, while preparing a post on a certain flower, it occurred to me that there is a

Las flores – un ensayo fotográfico

La ciudad de Tarija, Bolivia, se conoce como “La ciudad florida”, y es digno de su nombre. Por un lado están las plazas públicas que rebosan de flores muy vistosas y, por otro, están las familias que han plantado flores alrededor de sus hogares. La variedad de colores y aromas inunda a los sentidos, y tal asalto es una pura delicia.

La Plaza de Armas Luis de Fuentes - Tarija, Bolivia - La plaza central

Hasta ahora, cada entrada del blog ha tratado con solo una especia de flora o fauna. Sin embargo, al preparar una entrada sobre cierta flor, me daba cuenta de

The Monthly Mystery Macro misterioso del mes

Cada mes ponemos un reto de macro misterioso. He aquí el reto de diciembre:

Each month we post a mystery macro challenge. Here is the one for December: